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When will it be time for you to be Happy? We so often put off our own needs to care for others. We do so telling ourselves it will get better around the corner…but around that corner, there’s always more to take care of. Your needs fall to the bottom of the list. We can worry about arranging and planning so that nothing will be out of place and no one will be unhappy. Even fun things become a source of stress and tension. It feels impossible to keep everything on track and everyone happy.Today, you have a chance to create a new future. Together, we can create solutions for you to experience more health, harmony and happiness. If you’d like to feel more peace, I can help you. I welcome the opportunity to meet and work together to make your life better.Call me at (813) 877-1111 so we can schedule time for a free intial conversation. My work blends mindfulness and compassion with tools to help you take better care of yourself and develop new relationship skills. Let me help you create a calmer more peaceful life. Today is when!

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