Jeanette Buerling

Jeanette Buerling

We had an awful experience with Jeanette Buerling. We rented her house in Palm Desert for the week after our wedding to relax and unwind for a mini honeymoon with our two dogs. Jeanette rents two properties on VRBO, which are both dog friendly: | | | We paid for the rental in full and also paid a $1500 damage deposit which included a pet deposit. We arrived at the house on the first day and discovered the home was infested with ants. There were hundreds in the bedroom, in the closets and in the kitchen cupboards. We promptly called the property manager to deal with the situation. | She arrived an hour later with ant poison, raid and other chemicals. We told her that because of our dogs, we did not want any chemicals sprayed inside the house as we were worried they would ingest them. She proceeded to begin spraying inside the house! | We called Jeanette, the homeowner, immediately to sort out the situation and she did not answer our multiple phone calls. We proceeded to email her, text her, and send her a message on whatsapp and received no response. We have pictures and videos showing the degree of the ant infestation and forwarded them to the homeowner for reference. | We had no choice but to check into a hotel for the remainder of our 5 night stay. As we did not receive a response from the homeowner and the home was infested with ants (and sprayed down with ant poison) we politely requested a refund of the rent, or at a minimum a response from Jeanette so we could sort out the situation. | Jeanette eventually responded to us a day later with a one line text message stating she would not return our rent and that there was only a few ants in the home. To this day we have only received a couple on-line text messages from her confirming she would not return the money we paid. She proceeded to block both my phone number and whatsapp, as well as my wife’s phone number and whatsapp. She has never responded to any of our emails or phone calls. | This woman is unblievable. She has no morals, is rude and takes no pride in the homes she rents or the satisfaction of her customers. She is extremely unprofessional, please avoid renting with her. The mini honeymoon we had planned the day after our wedding turned into a stressful situation and us losing the 4-figure $ amount we paid in rent!

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