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Looking for someone who can understand what you are going through, and offer safe, confidential and peaceful environment that you can see in person or online and also speaks Spanish? Are you struggling with unexplained infertility? Are you in shock discovering infidelity? Hurt by break up or divorce? Unable to find your soulmate? Having difficulties coping with your chronic illness or learning disabilities? Overwhelmed by anxiety or depression and feeling hopeless? Or high powered executive, stock broker or business owner secretly struggling and sabotaging your ultimate success with addiction? My vision is to create possibilities for you so you can ultimately achieve optimum wellbeing.Using functional medicine approach, after taking your thorough history, assessing your symptoms and environmental factor that may be affecting you, together we will develop a plan with the goal leading to your optimum wellbeing. In addition to psychology counseling, nutritionist, physician or other alternative beneficial to you may be recommended.The Institute of Relaxation and Well Being is working with a network of physicians that are the best in their field. This includes fertility specialist, psychiatrist, gynecologist, and primary physicians. Counseling and psychological evaluations are offered not only in English but also on Spanish and Czech.

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