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I am an EMDR specialist who works with adults and teenagers. I like to work with clients to find patterns of dysfunctional thinking and behavior that can be traced back to events that happened earlier in their lives and are negatively impacting their lives now. Think about the old saying: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The same can be said for life events: one person’s bump in the road is another’s tragedy. We tend to react to life events based on our past experiences. If you want someone to help you connect the dots, please call.Prior to private practice, my experience has been in community mental health and inpatient drug and alcohol rehab. No one is an addict for no reason. My passion is finding what is behind the addiction and helping clients to find healthy coping skills to replace their go-to of abusing substances. EMDR is very effective with these clients.Most people come to counseling because they are experiencing some level of depression and/or anxiety. If you’re looking for common sense counseling at a very affordable rate, please call.

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