Jeff Wyler Fairfield Auto Mall

Jeff Wyler Fairfield Auto Mall Review

This morning, 8/30/2108, I went to this dealership where I had previously purchased my 2013 Soul +. I was not in a good mood as I had already been to two other dealerships who had tried to rip me off -one, Kings Honda, actually sabotaged my vehicle to make it smoke so they could lower the trade-in value!! I explained this to Antonio, the salesperson, who did try and understand and make me feel better but when Mike got involved it went from bad to worse!! #1 He kept smiling and acted like he didn”t understand why I was mad & distrusted car salespersons – I had to tell him I was serious and already explained what had happened to me previously at Kings Honda! #2 He said to me “Well, I”m having a good day.” in essence making fun of me having a bad day to which I responded “I don”t give a [censored] how you feel! I just want a price on my trade-in and on the new Kia Soul!!” After this, he got pissed and said I don”t have to sell you a car and got up and walked away! Additionally, this altercation happened after he had presented me with a price for the new car that was more than the price I had seen for the car on the Internet!!! And then he tried to cheat me on trade-in value and did not even take into account the moonroof on my 2013 Soul. I showed him the price I had looked up online and he was $3, 000 below that. I then had to go up and ask for my $25. Amazon gift card as I had taken a test drive for the new car which I was going to buy if he had been honest with me. He got snarky about it but said I would get it in the mail. I asked for the sheet with the price he was going to give me and he wouldn”t give it to me!! Felt sorry for Antonio as he lost a commission to due to Mike being a D**K!!! Will not do business with this dealership anymore!!!

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  1. Lorri Montiero
    June 17, 2020
  2. Felisa Malakai
    June 17, 2020

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