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To all those who have had a problem with the store at jeff . . There is relief people!! I have been able to obtain a phone number at the actual warehouse that ships the stuff. I have even talked to an actual person. I told him that i received no confirmation emails etc, and he assured me that he would look it to it. He in fact was very surprised that i had not received any emails. The gentleman i talked to was named sergio. There is a contact number on the jeff dunham website but when you call that all you get is an answering machine. After a little digging i was able to find the phone number for the actual person and here it is folks. . . [protected]. Hope this helps!! Ps – i placed my order on nov 18 and sergio told me they were waiting for peanut dolls to come in whichthey did today, so they were shipping out tons of orders today and tomorrow. . . Let me know how you all make out with the number i gave you.

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