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I am privileged to offer life changing services to adults, children, & adolescents. Whether you are suffering from symptoms of cognitive, emotional or behavioral distress, or a persistent disconnection from the Self waiting to awaken, there is hope for your renewal. At our core lies a unique Center inscribed with the “blueprint” that maintains our health, wholeness and vitality. The problem is that we’ve been conditioned to forget this Center. Healing is about remembering and returning to the very Center of our essence. For children and adolescents it’s about realizing and nurturing It so that It is never forgotten in the first place.I work with humans to determine the specific conditioning process which resulted in their detour from Wholeness. These detours express as the emotional, behavioral, attitudinal, and somatic warning signals indicative of One’s departure from their Essential Self. Once identified and processed, One can be gently redirected onto their own path back to their Center.Individuals come to realize they suffer from imprisonment by the conditioned mind. Liberation from this mindset defines the end of suffering, not necessarily medications nor distraction from the Self. It is the internal path of Self-realization that promises the highest experience of health, vitality and fulfillment.This is what it means to be Whole.

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