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Often people seek therapy because they have an idea of what is wrong and what they want to change in their life. Other people don’t know, yet they know that something could be better or is missing. If you haven’t been successful in what you seek, it doesn’t mean that you are weak or that it is not possible, or that there is anything wrong with you.Sometimes we know what the barriers are. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes it is just a matter of looking in the right place.In 20 years of serving people, I have enjoyed helping clients find out what is preventing them from having a quality of life that is true to themselves. We work together to discover what has been a barrier to achieving the best life that they deserve, for example: addictions, anxiety, chronic or life threatening illnesses, depression, grief/loss, PTSD. I respect who you are and what you determine is the best path for you. According to the special and unique needs of each client, I use the latest and most advanced therapeutic tools that have shown proven results. Working with individuals, couples and/or families I help them to reach an understanding of the value of their lives and a deeper sense of peace.

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