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I have owned Century Foundation Company since 1963 never had a complaint and have made thousand of friends by doing honest and good work. approx a year ago i developed a brain tumer. Had it removed succesfully but rehab was slow i had no one to run my business jerry longmire came to me and made an offer to pay me so much a month, I thought he was a honerable man, for CENTURY FOUNDATION COMPANY. I had to accept as this was my only income. | I made stipulations that he keep my same crew that had been with me for years he agreed and there was no problem until he started firing my old crew. After he had fired the last one and there was no one left to call, and he had learned the business, me and report what the company was doing jerry started telling me that he just had no work and could not pay me anything this month. I knew this was a lie but could not prove it but after all these years in this business I know the was making money and just did not want to pay me. | I demanded my equipment and trailers back and he did bring them back but the tools were all gone or broken he still has a 10,000$ air compressor that he refuses to return he owes me 92,000$ back pay. What made me really upset was the way he did the people in Willis taking their money and running then telling them could not finish job for personel reasons. To me this man is a snake and sould be avoided at all costs. Now that the holidays are over I intend to take him to court and hope he pays for the people he has hurt. | CENTURY FOUNDATION COMPANY

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