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Our bodies adapt to the world with depression and anxiety. We can resolve the false alarms and identify the cause of deferred hope. Safety and love are central. We all get stuck sometimes. How we move forward depends on our self-understanding and our support system. I work specifically with behavior, mental health, relationships and emotional growth for teens, young adults and their parents. This might include putting parents in the lead to get the reins back in the family or working with young adults and teens to feel equipped for life. I utilize emotion-focused methods along with mental health education and relationship support. It is never too late to get on the path you desire. Few people are fully actualized-utilizing ALL parts of self; which were made to be good. That missing confidence or motivation, inner strength, tenderness and humility, responsibility, integrity–you can walk in confidence knowing that you can be wholly you. Your loved ones are meant to be whole also.In my 20 years with families, I’ve been devastated to see loss of connection between loved ones. The result can be tolling on the entire family. Together we will identify where you are at, and where you are trying to go. We will identify obstacles and resolve emotional, relational, thinking and spiritual barriers which keep you from having what you desire.

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