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Caring and dedication to others for 17 years as an Adult, teen, and child support professional, has been and remains my passion. As a licensed Mental health counselor, I tailor make therapy sessions to fit each client’s needs. I help with relationship issues, stress, addiction, mental health, and life management. I believe that every person has the potential to improve greatly in their very own way. Everyone can experience difficult things so I come prepared with an accepting and patient environment to provide comfort while clients find new ways to live. I make sure each person becomes more capable and empowered to achieve.I am ready to help you face your areas of needed improvement head on and in ways which make a difference quickly. I help with job placement and life choice alterations which utimatley lead to gaining life balance skills. I have skills in child and adolescent therapy, family support therapy, career navigation therapy, and substance abuse therapy.I have worked as a state employee in the capacity of building up struggling youth and families. I have experience in both private and not for profit inpatient substance abuse/ co-occurring treatment centers where I have gained skills in the areas of compassion, empathy, quality therapeutic applications, and in supporting mental health.

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