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Life loves to throw us a curve-ball. Sometimes it feels like everywhere we turn a new speed-bump, pothole, or crash is stopping us. Other times we feel like we are walking through mud and no matter how hard we push, we are stuck in the same spot. Whether it is our job, family, or relationships, we end up feeling like we are backed into a corner with no where to turn. Sound familiar? People want to feel content, happy, driven, and free in life. It is not in our nature to be living with a 50 lb. weight on our back. I know what this weight feels like and am here to help you lighten that load and get back to feeling like yourself again.I am always looking to find new ways to help people find the health they have inside. Through both traditional and non-traditional methods, we find that strength and build it up. When you work with me, you get a stubborn individual who will push you in a way that helps you find that light inside. We become comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to grow.I personally believe that people are not broken, that they may have just lost their way or trust in themselves. Going down this road is tough and full of uncertainty. Allow me to help ease that tension. Life has enough stress in it, counseling should not be one of them. Together, we will build your path to success and freedom.

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