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I bought 3 tickets to see TooShort in Richland, WA on 12/01/2017. I purchased the tickets from Joker’s Casino(where the event was to take place). Tickets say doors open at 9pm. The night of the concert I arrived around 10pm. The place was packed. There was a dj playing the songs you hear on the radio(which is nothing like TooShort’s music). I left just around 12:30am and there was still no sign of TooShort. At 1:15am the cops shut everything down due to fighting and the parking lot was flooded with cops,flashing cop lights, and people in handcuffs. I contacted Brown Paper Tickets for a refund but because I paid cash at Joker’s, I needed to go there for a refund.The following Monday I went to Joker’s for a refund. They quickly gave me the name and number to the promoter and told me to call him for my refund. When I called Mr Lafontae he was very rude. He asked if I wanted a refund on the meet and greet that Joker’s said wasn’t happening but happened anyway. (first time I heard about any meet and greet) I said no. I want a refund for the concert that didn’t happen. He told me I left to early and TooShort performed from 12:30am until 1:15am when the cops shut it down. He said he is not responsible for refunding my money because I should’ve stayed. I reminded him that doors opened at nine so how long was I supposed to stay? He said long enough for the show to start. I said you mean to tell me that I needed to wait around for approximately 3.5 hours for a 45min performance? He said yes but you didn’t so No, you don’t get a refund.

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