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All too often, couples will start to notice circular patterns of conflicts that keep coming up within their relationships before they seek out help. I work to help individuals and couples take a new perspective toward ongoing problems that help to break relationships down over time. Often, resentments between people are built from disrespect, emotional neglect, pursuit and withdrawal effect, ineffective communication and misunderstandings, infidelities, patterns of emotional abuse or arguments that seem never ending, and neurodiversities in clients causing them not to see eachother’s perspectives. I aim to help the clients with whom I work learn to more effectively work through relationship struggles from issues from infidelity, depression, grief, and neurobiological diversities within couples by helping them to focus on strengths we can sometimes lose sight of during times of exacerbated, unexpected, or sudden onsets of stress. My clinical work experience includes working with individuals, couples, and families, step-families, those struggling with infidelities, adult ADHD, ASD, or other neurodiversities in individuals, relationships, or within marriages.

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