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It has been my pleasure to help young adolescents to older adults. My clients often include people dealing with family relationship issues, marital concerns, stress, anxiety and depression. I have worked with a wide array of clients, which has provided me with a deep insight and practical viewpoints of the problems people face in regards to their professional and personal life. My therapeutic treatment methods and interventions are supported by extensive research and empirical studies. Other issues of clinical attention includes: parenting, adoptions, addictions, sexual orientation, academic problems, self-esteem, cultural issues, grief, trauma, and unexpected life changes/transitions.Most people try therapy after many attempts at solving their problems in other ways. Friends and family can provide emotional support and suggestions, but frequently unable to affect any lasting change. Although they care, they are not trained to deal with underlying and current issues that cause or exacerbate problems.I have dedicated over eighteen years in serving the community. 10 years in social services (DCF, Program Management) and 8 years of direct clinical services in managing a mental health facility, Addictions Counseling, and Individual Psychotherapy. I treat clients in an emotionally safe, confidential, non-judgmental, compassionate, and comfortable setting.

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