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I have been in the profession of helping people for 36 years. It is my approach to treat the whole person not just the symptoms. In that regard we begin a process that resolves not only the symptoms they present to me, but returns to them the feeling of being alive and in command of their own lives in a fashion that allows them to have healthy relationships, function well in their jobs and work, and have a positive sense of themselves.I specialize in the areas of depression, anxiety, phobias, obsessions, marriage and family problems, work related problems and last but not least childres issues including ADD and ADHD. Please visit our website @ www.the for a real insight into our view of children and working with them.I studied with Robert Langs of New York City. His insight into the human mind and it’s workings is truely unique. Our unique approach to working with children is illustrated by our parenting website and an e-book we’ve published called “The Time”, available for download on our website.

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