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My approach to psychotherapy is highly relational. I believe that most of our distress in life, often in the form of anxiety, depression, or uncontrolled anger, arises from unresolved conflicts in our important relationships, past and present, and that psychotherapy works by providing a new relationship-a supportive, empathic one in a which person can explore these important interpersonal connections, come to understand them in new ways, and change them. I focus the dialogue on a person’s significant relationships, past and current, and on the feelings that one has about oneself and the important people in one’s life.In the therapy dialogue, I help people to draw connections between present and past relationship patterns in their lives. Central to my therapeutic approach is a focus on emotions and feelings, especially painful or traumatic ones, so that those feelings can be understood, released, and replaced by more positive emotions.In addition to helping people overcome things like anxiety, depression, anger, and relationship problems, I have a particular interest in the treatment of trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Although my approach is mainly exploratory or open ended, I use more directly trauma-focused or cognitive-behavioral techniques when needed.

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