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Are you feeling stressed, depressed, and emotionally exhausted, from fighting with your partner, family, or boss, for not seeing you for who you are? No, it isn’t about having bad luck or being cursed! It’s more about learning how to create a shift in your relationship with your problems to be happier. Trained with the best experts in brief and relational therapy, with 15 years of experience, I’d love to help you, whether you are an individual, a couple, or a family, to restore your vision, renegotiate your relationships, for more meaning and quality in your life.Time is of essence. Why spend less for longer years with ineffective or little results? From the first session, with passion and love, inclusive of all gender, sexual orientations, races, religions, and cultures, my systems thinking and relational therapy training ensure you with greater sense of direction, actions, and vision.Using love as a force and skill, I guide clients in the safety of the relational space, towards personal and relational growth and help shift issues from a painful place into growth opportunities, new outlooks on life, with a twist of humor, and much respect and compassion for clients’ journeys.

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