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Is anxiety interfering with your social, school, work, or family life? Constant worries and nervousness pile up becoming overwhelming & hard to handle. Anxiety may affect your sleep, eating, relationships, & lead to frustration, exhaustion, & hopelessness. You may withdraw, miss important opportunities, & feel lonely using avoidance as your means of coping. Communicating with others can be challenging due to fears of embarrassment, difficulties with assertiveness, or poor social skills. Imagine gaining new skills to overcome daily difficulties. No need to imagine, let’s make this a reality!I specialize in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), a research supported treatment that effectively improves anxiety, depression, OCD, & other conditions. I have years of experience working with people in distress, helping them learn healthy coping strategies to relieve their symptoms, increase functioning, & enhance their quality of life.I’ll work collaboratively, meeting you where you’re at, developing goals and increasing your confidence & sense of accomplishment. Let’s get started today. Fully Bilingual. {Please note: Only prospective clients/patients should send messages via this profile.}

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