JT Legal Group

JT Legal Group

While I do not take pleasure in tainting the character of anyone, I feel that people must be exposed when they’re purposely doing customers and clients wrong, in order to prevent them from damaging the lives of others. So for that reason, I have to tell you why you MUST avoid the JT Legal Group. | Partner Michael Avanesian, Attorney Ryan Patterson, Maria Kabayan, and Intake Manager Jackie Karapetyan are all extremely dangerous and dreadfully manipulative. They will do whatever it takes to get you to sign a contract, even at the expense of telling lies and making you believe that you have a case. It’s evident that their first concern is not their clients, but more so what they can get from them. Unfortunately, they’re also not very personable. All of their correspondence is done via email or telephone. They don’t make time nor effort to meet with you face to face and are seemingly always in a hurry to get the conversation over with. I have an upcoming litigation, a probate matter, that I’ve paid them thousands of dollars for them to represent me on. Initially, their intake manager told me that I absolutely had a solid case and foreshadowed the possibility of winning. Now, this person does not have a license to practice law; yet, they were put in a place to accept clients and cases, based upon their opinion of success. Now, that did raise a red flag, but my hope was that this was someone of great caliber who could be trusted; especially being in the position they were in. However, I learned later that I was wrong. | Upon deciding to go with this group, I hired them and was instructed to sign all contracts by email. My case was assigned to Attorney Bryan Smith, but he was on vacation (at the time of signing) and wasn’t due back for a week. This means he’d be completely oblivious, concerning my case. However, he never really got to work on it. I found out a little over a month later that he was no longer with the firm. And, unbeknownst to me, Attorney Ryan Patterson was a new lawyer that my case was passed on to. I received no valid reason or warning; it just happened. And had I not reached out to them, I may not have known! Well, this gentleman (for lack of a better term) is the absolute worst! He speaks as though he’s incoherent and being held at gunpoint. All that he states appears to be fabricated. He simply doesn’t represent anyone, nor himself, very well! He filed paper work, on my behalf, against the defendant that detailed 8 violations. Well, the judge kicked out all eight violations but gave us an opportunity to re-file. Now, be reminded that I paid them $2,000 up front plus a $500 dollar filling fee only for them to poorly and inconsistently represent in court, which led to them looking like total idiots and me looking like I’d just wasted my hard earned money. But then, to add insult to injury, these incompetent unprofessionals (that I’m paying $2,000 a month to) have the audacity to tell me they may have bitten off more than they could chew and asked to be removed from the case. THE NERVE! | As if that wasn’t enough, on the probate side, the partner attorney tried to coerce me into letting his sister be the administrator over my deceased mother’s estate. Their intent was to sell the property, knowing I wanted to keep the property in the family. All they saw were dollar signs!!! So they began to use their legal jargon, wanting me to fall prey to them and put money in their pockets. They saw that the estate had a substantial amount of equity and wanted me to sign it over. However, that set up was a complete lie. The sister told me in an email that the partner attorney was using her name because of her background in finances but that she will have nothing to do with the administrative side of this process and that JT Legal Group would be handling everything. Talk about a serious conflict of interest! If you read this and decides to go against the grain to use their services, more power to you. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Find an attorney or firm who want to bring you in for face-to-face free consultation first. Don’t settle for a hell-filled experience like the one I endured with JT Legal Group!

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