Www.centraldispatch.com and www.jtracker.com need to be purchased by someone who cares about the auto transport industry and those hard working brokers and carriers that move cars across this country. Cox Automotive, the current owner, needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and get their asses whooped. They suck. They provide no customer service, no improvements when faults are outlined in their software – no help and no empathy what-so-ever. Over 4,000 brokers are screwed every day when they used Jtracker and over 12,500 carriers are screwed when the software goes down. It goes down all the time. Whatever a****** managers at Cox that have oversight of Central dispatch and Jtracker needs to be fired. You are a clueless F2%$ er and you need to be dumped fast. | The software sucks… they know it sucks.. it’s 19 years old and failing every day. Will someone please design a dispatch system for the auto industry so we can all tell Cox Automotive to go F$% themselves PLEASE! I swear I would go straight to jail if I ever met the idiots at that run these two websites. | I woudl beat the snot out of these idiots for hurting truckers and brokers for years with no apology or improvement. They have a monopoly because all brokers, dealerships and carriers use Central Dispatch to post orders and dispatch orders so that truckers can pickup and move these vehicles across the country. Cox – F %$ YOU. Please boycott all the Cox family of products and services until they fix this mess they call a dispatch board. They screw brokers to the wall. They force us to pay a few hundred dollars each month to access this dispatch board website. They don’t have enough bandwidth to run the site. The site was written with software from 19 years ago… NEVER UPDATED. The old programmers that wrote it were all fired or quit due to the way these idiots treat people (employees and customers of theirs get treated like crap). Nobody answers their phones. When they do they barely listen and act like there is nothing they can do…. or they lie and say we are working on it (but years go by and nothing happens). Sell it to someone who cares and wants to fix it you morons! | The whole industry is fed up. Where is the justice department looking into this mess. over 18,000 business owners get screwed on a daily basis because this system breaks down constantly. No fix in sight. Boycott Cox Automotive, Cox Communications, Cox Media Group, Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim Auto Auctions

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  1. Treena Mccarville
    June 16, 2020
  2. Ivory Shakoor
    June 16, 2020

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Been mucked around from this lady for months, actually since day 1! Paid a deposit of $200 on a dress, go and pick it up from the Store

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