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Are you struggling with finding your path in life? Perhaps you feel as though no one can possibly understand what you are going through during this phase of your life. Is it possible that you are awakening and trying to understand this journey that you are on? There is a definite shift and this change can be scary. The journey itself can be even more daunting especially when unsure of which path is right for you. Whether this new path is working towards forgiveness, grief, the root cause of your anxiety, addressing trauma or facing the negative part of you that’s been weighing you down….know that you don’t have to do this alone.As a therapist it is my personal mission to assist you in your journey and get you to the point that you can continue standing on your own emotional feet. My aim is to help you become more self aware of the issues that continue to cycle in your life so that you can either stop the pattern or navigate through it better, moving forward.It’s time for you to invest in yourself so that you can work on being whole and maximize your full potential in this life. If you feel that you are ready, reach out to me today so that we can begin this work together.

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