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Insurance is NOT accepted at this time Please EMAIL me to become a patient Behavioral health treatment requires individual attention I work closely with patient/families to understand their issues, and then create a quality treatment plan The treatment plan needs to be closely monitored for success and frequently adjusted to achieve the best possible patient results This requires time and commitment from the patient and psychiatric specialist to work together to achieve the desired success It frequently requires multiple sessions and communication to adjust the treatment plan for the best results I provide this type of careI specialize the psychiatric medication assessment and management A comprehensive evaluation is necessary to gain an understanding of what led to the need for treatment as well as reviewing past history and treatments Therapists and I work closely I do not take insurance to ensure individualized care A superbill can be provided for insurance submissionBehavioral health issues manifest themselves in many ways Feelings of sadness, anxiety, the inability to concentrate, or just not feeling like yourself for no apparent reason are perhaps indications of the need for care Call me directly, and let me work with you to help solve your behavioral health needs whatever they may be Help is within reach

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