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Stuck in a life phase. Struggling with family conflicts. Feeling worthless. Dealing with guilt. Willing to steer life in other direction at no avail. Struggling with addictions. Dealing with compulsiveness, dealing with anxiety, worries, fears. Fears to speak in public. Struggling with intrusive memories. Lack of sleep. Developmental challenges. These are all human issues, and for all of them it is worth to find a solution. The main goal will always be to increase our functionality as human beings. Life is still way too precious to procrastinate.As a behavioral health therapist my work is to assist in the transformation of lives. My work is to supplant destructive behavioral patterns and unsatisfying relationships by promoting healthier ways. I work with individuals that feel sad, isolated, anxious, fearful, traumatized or simply stuck in phases of life. I work to achieve solutions when there are coIt is my goal to provide an empathetic and supportive environment. My mission is to make those I treat feel understood while simultaneously equipping them with the tools to fulfill their potential. I invite you to join me for a free consultation virtually or in person so that we may begin to collaboratively work to help you uncover a more abundant life.

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