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I fell for an online pitch about skin cream, supposedly pitched by Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg from “The View.” I ordered what I thought was a free sample, paying shipping only, for some skin cream and some eye cream. | The catch was, a) Joy Behar has NO AFFILIATION with this company (nor does Whoopi Goldberg). And the “Two Week Trial Offer” was not fully explained. | The customer service person explained to me that if I didn’t cancel my “order” within the two week period, I would be charged $175. for the two products I’d already received. | First thing: it’s FRAUD to claim that Behar et al are participants, when they are NOT. | Second, by their count, I called them up WITHIN a two week period to cancel. (My initial order for the “free trial” went in on the afternoon of August 17, and my call to them was in the MORNING of August 31, hence, technically within the two weeks. | Mainly, though, they didn’t make clear to the reader that this was a subscription deal in the first place. And more importantly, the only reason I looked at all was because of the Behar/Goldberg connection, which DOESN’T EXIST. | There should be a class action lawsuit about this. I would think Joy Behar, and all the other celebrities I saw on the marketing deal, would want to SUE THIS COMPANY. Anyway, I would gladly join in on a class action suit.

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  1. John Przedwiecki
    June 16, 2020

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