K9 Kennel Store

K9 Kennel Store

Ordered the mobile chicken condo – Paid almost $3000. Nighmare started with ordering – said “in stock” took 30 days to get delivered. Estes showed up with delivery – product too big for liftgate and I was told to brake the pallet down and offload it myself – I am a 48 year old woman!!! | I refused to do it as we own a trucking company and I now that we do not allow our customers to get on the trailers due to liability insurance – so I refused delivery. Contacted Chicken Condos and said how can you change me $600 for delivery and then expect me to take it of a 48 ft trailer myself. They said “it is not their problem” – I told them that I had refused delivery and don’t want the product if this is the service I am getting. I was told I can return the product but will pay a 40% restocking fee PLUS all costs to return the product to UT. Outer cardboard was wet and damaged – looks like product was in the rain. After going back and forth I got a guy from Estes to make a plan and he got the product of the traile a couple of days later – he was very helpful. My problems were not over though – Unpacked the product – assebly instructions were clearly done by chinees – Box even marked ‘MADE IN CHINA” although they advertise that the product is made in the USA – first issue. | Assembly instructions were a nigtmare. There were so many parts and nothing was marked. Non of the holes ligned up. It took 3 people 4 days to figure out what needs to be done after we’ve laid all parts out on the ground. The whole structur is odd looking – nothing is lined up and nothing is straight. After eventally getting this assembled I tried to push/pull the tractor coop – It is so heavy that we need 3 people – nothing like the product that was advertised on their website. Furthermore the first night after it was assembled we had a little rain and already the panels have rusty lines running down on the plastic coop. This is by far the worst coop I have ever seen for the most $$$$ ever paid. | Bottom Line: DO NOT PURCHASE PRODUCTS FROM THESE COMPANIES – They do false advertising. You over paid dearly for crap that is make in China – product is not made in the USA as advertised – Very Very poor quality. Safe your money and build your own moble coop – we did it and it is 4 times the size (used a 16ft trailer) and the material was a fraction of what we paid for this piece of junk. I am so dissapointed that I am not even using this coop!!!

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