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Is it an addiction, a compulsion, or impulse control issue? While some behavioral issues technically are not addictions, they can feel beyond your ability to control and can be destructive. Often, similar thought and brain processes are involved. Through the Genesis Process people have found help for addictive-compulsive behaviors. For those who are willing to change, Genesis Process helps with skills to develop awareness and understanding of how to change. No magic, just willingness, courage, and a lot of uncomfortable hard work. That’s the price and you are worth it. The Genesis Process is a biblically based therapy utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and biblical precepts. Christians who have behaviors or past experiences interfering with their lives and relationships have benefited from working through the ten processes. If you are willing to change, life can be different.Yes, change work feels uncomfortable, maybe even a bit scary. However, you drive the speed of therapy. Change work is a sacred healing process. Even as a Christian stuck in dysfunctional and destructive behaviors you are still loved by God who passionately wants you to be healthy and well. Will you allow me to help you?

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