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Is your child struggling in school? Are you seeking compensation after an injury? Are you experiencing memory problems? I am Board Certified Neuropsychologist with over 9 years of experience in hospital settings helping patients with neurological complications after stroke, heart attack, or brain injury. If your loved one struggles with memory problems and is no longer independent, an evaluation may help your family plan for their care. Attention Deficit/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, and being Gifted, qualify for school assistance to help students succeed. Let’s meet to discuss if an evaluation may help! I enjoy assisting clients after a major life change or injury to redefine their identify in order to resume meaningful lives and relationships. I also find it very rewarding to assist children achieve academic success after struggling in the school setting.Prior clients have described me as compassionate and dedicated. I am able to explain neurological complications in simple terms within feedback sessions. I target recommendations to quickly alleviate negative mood symptoms so clients feel less overwhelmed. I create an open, safe, and supportive environment where creative solutions can be explored.

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