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I can help you attain a better understanding of yourself and your personal goals, and help you develop skills for improving your relationships. I can help you manage your anger, depression, and other emotional pressures, while improving your communications skills. Learn to listen more effectively to others, and have others listen to you. Get “unstuck” from unhealthy patterns and break old behaviors and develop new ones. Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety at home and at work. Discover new ways to solve problems and improve self-esteem and confidence.If you are seeking help with stress from work and home life, I can guide you in finding a balance. I will listen to you and guide you in learning healthy behaviors that impove you life. I can teach you relaxation skills that can significantly reduce your level of stress.If you are bilingual, I can communicate with you in Spanish making it easier for you to share your emotions. My background in Neuropsychology allows me to key in on other issues that may be effecting your situation, and I can help you deal with issues related to your aging parents.

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