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Health is the state of your Body. Wellness is the state of your Being. My mission is to help clients incorporate Mind, Body, and Life into Balance.¬† Do you want to FEEL YOUNG¬†again? Want to have MORE Energy¬†and stamina? Do STRESS and Anxiety¬†keep you up at night? Research has repeatedly shown that there is a strong Mind-Body connection. You are more than just one aspect of your life. Integrative Coaching works! It addresses all dimensions of life and helps bring you back into Balance. Take a step past that fear of change and take charge of your life. Make yourself a priority.Integrative Coaching deals with stress, exercise, sleep, relationships, career, food/diet choices, and even spiritual dimensions of life. It brings them all together, into BALANCE.¬† Wellness becomes the state of mental, physical, and life fitness as an actively pursued goal. Also specializing in Mindfulness-based stress-reduction techniques.Healthy Mind¬†+ Healthy¬†Body¬†= Balanced LIFE Change is a process, not an event. Sometimes the smallest step in the direction of change ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tiptoe if you have to, but take the step… What is it going to take to get you to take care of you?

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