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Counseling sessions for only $20! (Now that is a bargain!) Are you having a hard time finding quality counseling at an affordable rate? Do you just need someone who will listen to you without judgment? Are you having difficulties in your relationships? Do you feel like you are going nowhere? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Just because counseling sessions tend to be expensive, does not mean you have to forego this empowering experience. You have found the best of both worlds, a therapeutic environment to focus on you without spending a fortune. This is your chance to do something just for you. You deserve it! I am a master’s student in the counseling program at FGCU. In counseling, students practice skills by working with clients in a supervised environment. This arrangement provides the opportunity to offer affordable pricing and gain invaluable experience. I believe that counseling services should be available to everyone, regardless of their bank account.Sometimes all you need is a little support and a pint of ice cream. Other times you need an entire support system and a gallon. Either way, you have already taken the first step, now let’s get you the affordable counseling you deserve! I am accepting both day and evening appointments. Please hurry, these spaces will fill up quickly. Call me today!

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