Karolina Koaches

Karolina Koaches

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This dealership was blatantly dishonest with me while I purchased a used Rv. They are not to be trusted for on-line / long distance purchases. Even having an independant evaluation of what you want to buy might not be enough. I’m trying to warm others about this place! DO NOT TRUST THEM. | 1) Sales was not honest about conditions of the Rv that I specifially asked about. Pleasant fellow, but when you are selling long-distance, being forethright about the condition of the item for sale is paramount. He failed. | 2) Service was dishonest in dealing with me as a customer. I requested a full check over and repairs for the 3+ days drive home. They only sold me tires and the wrong house-batteries . They ignored the leaking head gasket, wheel seal, broken exhaust manifold and broken engine fan. | I was willing to pay for repairs, and expected some to be needed. Instead, they lead me to believe the Rv was in good shape, which is was not. Repairs ended up costing over $7,000. | 3) From all reasonable appearances, they did not even present this Rv for sale honestly. They stated it was traded in. I doubt it. More likely it was bought at the auctions in FL. They ARE dealing in FL Auction RV’s. This they told me. | Finally, in other reviews, the “Manager” has posted that he is unaware of these problems and that I should contact him. So I tried, and he never returns my calls. Therefore, he’s just as dishonest as the rest. | Bottom line: Do Not Trust these folks. Go elsewhere if possible.

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  1. Kristina Piquette
    June 16, 2020

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