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I specialize in helping children, parents, couples, and individuals befriend their fears so that they can feel more secure with themselves, and others. At Fear Less Therapy, I understand how fears and insecurities affect the brain and nervous system and can get in the way of enjoying our selves, each other, and life. Often, our present issues are from past experiences. I engage clients in creative activities that allow their bodies to resolve concerns from the past. My work focuses on attending to the past so that you can live more fully in the present. I practice through a developmental and relational lens to understand emotions, behaviors, and relationships. I use evidence-based treatments to heal trauma and relational wounds. My goal is to improve clients’ sense of security with self, others, and in the world. Our life experiences shape us. I certainly have been guided by my experiences into this work. I believe we all have a valid, understandable reason for how we are. I help people understand and grow through their experiences so they can have a life that feels secure, connected, and fulfilling. If this speaks to you, I’d love to hear from you!

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