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Your relationship is in distress! You feel more like roommates than soulmates. You are afraid to say anything to your spouse or partner because it will spark yet another argument. You feel trapped and confused, how did it get this bad! You are feeling disconnected, not understood and like your needs aren’t getting met. You wonder what happened because you used to be in love. Maybe you drifted apart over the years or after your first child. You no longer have the same goals and dreams or even worse your partner betrayed you or had an affair and you are completely torn and devastated and don’t know where to turn.Imagine feeling heard, understood, listened to, connected, appreciated and valued. Imagine having a deep love and respect for your partner. Think about having fun and enjoying each other again, bringing back the passion and intimacy. As a relationship expert, I teach couples how to manage conflict, heal from past hurts, resentments, betrayals, and affairs, increase their friendship, live into their goals and dreams and have a better relationship.There is a reason my schedule is full. I help couples in as little as 10 – 12 sessions. I have evening hours until 9 pm and do intensive sessions for couples in crisis or couples wanting to give their relationship a jump start. My style is unique as I counsel and coach you in the tools you need to have a better relationship. Come learn and grow, while having fun (yes it is possible to have fun in therapy). Call me to schedule, your relationship deserves it! Visit – www.FamilyAndCouplesCounseling.com and lets get started today!

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