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When a child is struggling, everyone in the family is affected. You’ve gotten the stares at Target and everyone‚Äôs offered you parenting advice that hasn‚Äôt worked, right? Most advice-givers haven‚Äôt raised a child with your child‚Äôs unique (and often invisible) needs. And, chances are, you’re exhausted, too. As a mom of four, and a professional who has worked with parents of high needs children for over 27 years, I get how life in the trenches really looks. I provide therapy for children 2-10yo who often present their challenges behaviorally, and individual and couples counseling for parents feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.You know your child and unique life dynamics better than anyone on the planet, so I’ll start by listening. I practice with connection in mind and being practical for real life. As a trauma informed, attachment focused practitioner (TBRI, Adoption Competent State Trainer), I equip parents to best meet their child’s needs, while also meeting their own.If you want to reduce stress, increase peace in your home, AND feel confident as a parent that you are doing what’s best to help your child, I’d love to connect. Or, if you are a parent personally looking for support, I’m excited that you are considering taking this step to take care of yourself. Reach out for your free 15 minute phone consultation.

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