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I enjoy working with a wide range of client populations and the challenges faced by each. When asked “what kind of clients” I see in my practice, my answer is always the same, that “I see normal people with normal problems.” My goal is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment where one can share their innermost struggles and challenges without feeling judged or criticized, since it is my philosophy that we are all transforming and evolving from each experience or trial that we face. It is also my passion to empower each client with education, confidence and self-awareness.My clinical experience has included a strong focus on the various addictions that individuals struggle with, as well as a wide range of anxiety and mood disorders. In addition, the various maladaptive coping strategies and thought/behavior patterns that form around these disorders become a primary focus of treatment.I also work with couples and other significant relationships to navigate through the common challenges of effective communication and conflict resolution, to either build or re-build a strong relational foundation and promote relational enrichment.

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