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Call or text (352)-329-2040 : Welcome, my name is Kelly Gregory and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I received my master’s and specialist’s degrees from the University of Florida. I am trained in trauma-based approaches to care, DBT, and EMDR (level 2). I operate from a wellness model, which for me means I see symptoms and behaviors as normal responses to abnormal circumstances. Life happens and we survive the best we can with what we have. Sometimes we find ways of surviving that were necessary in the past, but no longer serve us in the present.Hurt or fear often end up driving our lives: when we heal our pain it allows us to change our behaviors, our beliefs about ourselves, and our lives. I will work with you to gain insight into the underlying unmet needs and emotions that drive your behaviors. I believe change comes from understanding, awareness, and self-compassion.It is my goal to empower you, to walk with you on the journey of self-discovery, and to help you feel the freedom of your authentic self. Growth exists right outside our comfort zones, I hope together we can explore what stepping out into new ways of being looks like for you.

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