Kenneth J Hallstrom

Kenneth J Hallstrom

THIS THIEF, LIAR AND SCUMBAG likes to report his neighbors for parking in their own driveways. How is this a crime? He knows that if, their vehicles cross the sidewalk (in front of their own home mind you), he can call the police and they will issue the homeowners tickets for this parking “violation”. These tickets carry a $ 35.00-$ 50.00 fine. Who the hell does this to his own neighbors? | How does their parking in their own neighborhood bother; you in the slightest you piece of dog excrement? Not to mention this is the same POS that walks his crappy Chow dog each morning and uses a 30′ leash so he can allow it to crap in these same neighbors front yards. This dog has even bitten neighbor children-yet there it is every morning being walked by this scumbag. You want him for a nieghbor? We don’t either. Steals our money for these tickets, lies about being a good neighbor and has his dog crap in our yards..THIEF, LIAR & SCUMBAG…

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