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Confusion, loss, anger, fear, and sadness. These are just some of the emotions a patient or caretaker experiences when faced with an unexpected diagnosis or loss. Who can they possibly turn to for support? The medical professional treats the body as the therapist treats the mind, spirit, and relational needs of the patient. At each session, I strive towards developing trust, rapport, and validating your personal experiences through unconditional positive regard and emphatic listening. We’ll work together in identifying your strengths, as well as develop a plan that allows you to take back control and gain resilience.I fully embrace the belief of caring for the whole person ‚Äî mind, body, and spirit. I’m also a strong advocate of collaborative healthcare ‚Äî the therapist works with the patient, along with the family system and medical providers. I focus on a number of therapy models including family systems theory, solution-focused therapy, and strength-based therapy.My passion for whole-person care stems from my personal story of living with lupus and overcoming end-stage renal failure. The encouragement I received from others during this hard season inspired me to become a therapist who promotes agency and communion. My mission is to be a source of hope to you, as we explore the roads that illuminate your life story.

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