Kevin Kerckaert

Kevin Kerckaert

We had a contract to pour our 1800 square ft. (62×26) walk out basement floor in our brand new build. Mr. Kerckaert was paid up front for these services in the amount of $5959.37 for labor and materials (labor paid to Mr. Kerckaert, materials paid upon delivery to concrete company). The contract specificallt states “**All prices include hard trowel finish, broom finish for exterior, saw cutting for interior/exterior slabs**”. | He poured the basement floor and then left the premises for several hours. Upon returning, the concrete had already started to cure and it was at that time that Mr. Kerckaert tried to use a power trowel to smooth the concrete which caused extensive damage to our floor to the point where it is a tripping hazzard in several places. | Mr. Kerckaert agreed to correct the problem by first attempting to diamond grind the top layer but after attempting twice said that it was to big of an area and he would not be able to correct that way. | He then stopped returning our calls and texts for several weeks until one day we recived a text message from his wife saying thet he was in jail and she had just been given his phone by the police. He was in jail for a probation violation and would be getting in touch with us as soon as he was out because he was well aware, she said, that our job needed to be completed right away. | Another couple of weeks went by and he finally made contact and said that he was now going to try an epoxy coating to level the damaged cement and attempt to fix the job. He would however, have to complete a few other jobs in order to pay for the materials to complete our job first. He stated that after getting those funds he would come and complete half of our basement and would then have to work a few more jobs to get the funds to finish the second half. | He was scheduled to begin this on the 6th of May of this year (now more than 3 months after the original job was started) and never showed up. He and his wife have both since stopped returning our phone calls/ text messgaes and emails. We have filed a lawsuit and found out through our lawyer that he has done this same thing to many many other residents in our area and surrounding areas. We were told by the serving officer that when he was served and signed for his notice to appear in court he said “I know the job is horrible, I’m embarassed about it but I don’t have the money to fix it”.

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