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Here’s our Story Kevin (FabTack Inc.) was hired on January 3, 2017 to build us a bank of 8 dog pens. We gave him 2/3 of $$ on Jan. 3. The estimated delivery was 5 – 6 weeks. When it was time for the kennels to be installed the excuses started. –Finger cut so bad that he needed stitches and was on really strong pain killers. (When I asked him to show me his finger a couple of weeks later when he stopped in empty handed, he wouldn’t.) He said the serious injury is why they weren’t finished. –Next he had the flu for a week. He was also sick in bed last week. –Then his truck broke down (it’s an excuse we got from him a couple of different times) –He claimed he gave his buddy the powder coating equipment and the buddy ended up spray painting the pens instead,so now he had to sand blast all the paint off and start over. –Earlier this week he cancelled because he had to take his girlfriend to the blood clot clinic (as if that takes all day) — Today he couldn’t come because he had to babysit — Can’t work on Saturday because he’s a Seventh Day Adventist. Two weeks ago he showed up with two poorly welded, spray painted panels because I was panicking due to some dogs coming in for boarding. After that he promised us up and down (as he had many times before) that he was delivering them in the next couple days. I needed more pens –he said he’d bring three. Well I got one more panel (different material than the other two and still only spray painted) not three pens. Every time I got pushy with him, he offered to give us our money back. I insisted I didn’t want my money, I wanted my pens!!. Today was the last straw and I asked for our $$ back. Thankfully, he did return all I had paid. After I had hired him in January, another dog world friend mentioned that he didn’t deliver her friend’s 2 crates that she ordered and in the end he returned her money because she got so frustrated with waiting. It’s long litany of excuses, many of them I expect are actually lies. We have found a new welder (referred by a friend of ours) for our project and expect to have our new pens in 2 weeks not 3 months with nothing to show. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope I saved you some grief.

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