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I remember when I was 15 years old and believed that I was blessed to be middle class, American, and from an intact family. Later, in adolescence, I was bewildered to experience depression and anxiety. I hid it from family and friends and thought I lacked the will power to pull myself out of it. Eventually, I discovered that therapy was an effective way to work through my struggles. We all need help at different times in our lives to address life’s challenges. Seeking out a dedicated therapist may be a great first step for you.We live in a society where the predominate definition of success involves gaining power, wealth, fame, or being physical attractive. When we obtain these things, we wonder why we are not content. Happiness research shows us that what is important are healthy relationships, generosity, finding personal meaning, and spirituality.I love my work as a therapist. I have personally experienced growth, change, and hope through counseling. I am honored and enriched to work with the clients that come through my door. For me, It is a process of continual growth, learning, and walking with my clients on their journey.

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