Kids Acting School, ICT

Kids Acting School, ICT Review

Helene Goldnadel who also goes by H.G. Nadel and Helen G. Nadel, is a con-artist and the worst type of person. She owns KAS ICT or Kids Acting School ICT which used to be called IC Talent. Plenty of complaints against her under her other names. | She has used name changes and business name changes to run from what she’s done. She has people run up to parents and say oh your kid would be great on tv. Then she gets them to her studio and pulls thousands out of them, when she knows they haven’t got what it takes an will never be hired. | She speaks HORRIBLE English nobody can understand and she’s a basket case. 100% | She changes her name and her businesses name to run from the truth. | If you are approached by anyone representing KAS ICT or Kid’s Acting School ICT of Orange County, RUN !!!

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