King Hyundai

King Hyundai

This business is not honoring an advertised deal. I purchased a vehicle on May 7, 2017 at this dealership before the transaction I asked if there were any maintenance deals available and I was told no. I purchased the vehicle with funding from my bank and during my initial conversation with the loan office after presenting my sales contract. She reminded me that she is here to protect me and make sure I got a good deal. I felt pretty confident since I used a car buying service through progressive called true car and the dealership honored that price but I still felt slightly uncomfortable and went to the dealer’s website to check out their advertisement. I clicked on the new car specials and saw that they were offering 4 years free maintenance/50,000 mile so when I went to the dealership to turn in my signed draft.I spoke with the general sales manager and the general manager, Tony. The general manager stated that he would have my sales person contact me. We played phone tag for about two days and in my last conversation, Odell stated that he would honor the ad. He said that he just needed to check to see if he needed to have me do a new contract including the maintenance or if I could do it without signing a new contract. He did not call me so I called him. Finally, we spoke and this time he says that I needed to pay the actual price of the car to get the deal that they had “given” me a $1,000 off. I am a previous Hyundai owner and a purchased a new Hyundai so I was eligible for $3,000 rebates the original car price which is similar to what is advertised was approximately $20,000 after the rebates it cost the $17,000 that was listed on the advertisement. Granted, I did not know about the deal in advance but they pretended to be willing to honor it. After stringing me along for a week and changing their answer. I am filing this claim because they say I did not spend enough on the car when it is clear according to my calculations I did. I probably would have just written this off as a learning experience but I feel that were deceptive in how they handled my complaint. They also need to make their advertisement for this special clear and the sales person did not answer me honestly when I asked if there was any maintenance included.

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