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Sept. 7, 2015 approximately 12:25pm. I was standing in checkout lane #10, I felt a firm touch and slight push on my left arm, I looked to my left and it was Josh, a king soopers employee. When I asked “Excuse me, am I in your way?” “That was a pretty aggressive touch.” He said “I just need to get these baskets, sorry” and walked away. I asked the cashier who was the manager today, she then asked an assistant mgr “Courtney” to come to the register, I told her what happened and that I”d like to speak to a manager since I felt this touch was inappriopriate. She then had Chad, a manger come talk to me, he apologized for the behavior of the employee. I told him that is unacceptable and inappropriate for an employee to put his hands on a customer. As I left, I walked to my car, saw “Josh” who started to yell towards me “Hey! Hey! Sorry!” I told him, “Do not put your hands on people, ever.” This happened at King Soopers 890 S. Monaco Pkwy, Denver CO 80224

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