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To start off with this review. I just want to state I AM a real person, with real things to say about Kirby/Trujillo Enterprises. I am one who doesn’t like to be lied to or have my hard earned money messed with. And let me start by saying you CANNOT trust anybody in that office. NOBODY! Not even the people who work for Kirby. Because Dave Trujillo trains his best employees and crew to minipulate you anyway that they can into keeping you and making you go out and sell the product with hopes of making “a lot of money” Their whole work ethic is to “Fake it, till you make it” and lie over and over again, just to reel you in and keep you to do the slave work you never even knew about or signed up for. So to start, if you ever get a call from Kirby or “Trujjilo Enterprises” this is exactly what you are in store for. At the initial interview they will have you fill out a paper application apon arrival. Once that is done and filled out. They will take you into a back office. Ask you a few questions, without ever really looking at your job application in the first place. And go right into detail in telling you about the “Kirby” product, more than actually telling you about the job description itself, and pretty much just try and shake hands as fast as they can In Employing you as a “Kirby Rep” before you can ask any real questions about the job you’ll be doing. So I SPECIFICALLY asked him “I will not be going door to door right?” Because I told them I’ve heard about Kirby, and if I would have known over the phone it was “Kirby” I would have not came to the interview.(they advertise their job post on & Craigslist as “Customer Service Reps Needed” so there you go.. There is you’re first clue to how crafty they are at lieing) Hivever he said “nope, absolutely no door sales required, all you do is go the appointments our team leaders have already set up for you, and demonstrate to our customers how the Kirby works” he also went into saying we will make commission on anything we sell while doing the demonstration PLUS!! An additional $1,900 a WEEK! GARUNTEED!!! For our work. Even if you don’t sell anything!!(BUT…what they DONT TELL YOU! is that 1,900 is actually 1,700- AND you only get it for the first month working and the only way to get a paycheck in the first place is if you do 15 demos a week If you don’t do 15 demos,Well then.. You see no paycheck for all the other houses you did. You pretty much just wasted you’re time and take a whole weeks pay as a loss if you didn’t do 15 demos” So Like an idiot I believed him and decided what the heck, it shouldn’t be that bad! But yes it is! I did 3 days of training(no pay)and the training is basically learning how to work the Kirby products, set up “displays” and how to repack them again. We also went into some training on how to do our “demos” and how to do “comparison test” they like to call with other vacummes the customer might have in their homes. After my 3 days of training, we then where able to decide if we wanted to go directly out into the field the very next day, OR check out a Kirby and practice with friends and family with no real intention to sell anything. So since I felt I wasn’t exactly ready to go out into the field… I checked one out to practice over the weekend. The next day I practice on my friend, well she ended up LOVING the vacumme and wanted to buy it, so feeling great about myself that well, “hey maybe I can actually do this!” I called my Manager at the time of my training, & he gave my friend a good deal for the vacumme. However! I didn’t know until that night after he had told me “great job! that gives you a $50 commission ontop if you’re pay” that it all was a d**n lie! He never told me if the Loan goes for lower than 1,250 that I am no longer eligible for a $50 commission. So he straight up lied to me so I could pressure the sale even more thinking I was Gunna make some quick cash ontop of it. I bring it up to him the next day saying I worked hard for that commission and he should have been straight up from the street that their are rules to how low a loan can go before I see no payout in it and that I was going to quit. He said I’ll give you commission for it if you just promise to stick it out and stay, because you’re doing great. So I agreed. I went in that following Monday nervous, but feeling like I can do it. Going to appointments and taking about what the vacumme can do shouldn’t be so bad! Boy was I wrong!! The entire day was pretty much hell. The morning started off by everybody crowding into one little room and turning on a very annoying strobe light with overly loud music playing that everyone had to sing as loud as they possibly could for what seemed like hours. Then everybody including the new people like myself to get up in front of everybody and tell them how many sales you did and how did you do it.(not to mention before you go up in front of the class, everybody is doing this weird chant like you are in some kind of cult) anyway after all that load of CRAP! Dave and his fancy suit and tie with all kinds of jewelry on comes out and does his pitch on how if you’re good to Kirby.. Kirby will be good to you.. Blah, blah, blah. All in all he talks about how everyone is capable of being mad rich like him if you stick with it and work hard(and by working hard.. He means invading peoples space,time, and property just to get a sale. AND using his famous methods and deceiving ways on how to sell this product to people)He goes on into telling you how much stuff he has, how much he travels and that he has money he can throw away because he has so much of it.. And that it can be us too. Just a real Egotistical guy who will put false hope on people just so he can keep his business going by reeling in nieve people like myself to do the job for him while he sits on a pile of cash. Because out of everyone in that room.. He was the most sharp and only one with diamonds and gold on. Everyone else who has been working there for a ” long time” they say, making great money.. Had no car.. Cricket wireless cell phones, and average clothes on with no Jewelry or even a tie. Anyway.. Just be prepared for bullshi* pitch about how rich you can become working with him.(rolling my eyes) and he will make you feel like if you say no to Kirby.. Then you are deemed to have an unstable future and that this is the only opportunity you have at a really successful life. (Crap if you ask me) I knew once I saw him and was hearing all the crap coming out of his mouth, that I can’t wait to leave and go home. So remember when I told you that they said over and over again that their was no door to door sakes required? WELLL!!!… You’re wrong just like I was! They save the Door to Door training for very last! And Dave himself trains you! Lol!!! Yup! Once they have you completely in the door, they whip out the procedures and methods on how to get into houses. (Appointment are NEVER Set up for you like you were told… Nope, you have to literally walk door to door invading people’s time and property just to get in and do a demo, or else you’re not getting paid)so once I saw it was door to door I was gunna get up and walk out.. But I wasn’t going to let the little money I DID make so far go to waste. So I stuck around to see what load of crap Dave was gunna pull out of his butt again, and believe me.. It was CRAP!! Lol He trains his employees to knock on a door and Insist to the residents of the house that we come in to inspect the carpets, and push ourselfs in uninvited. Dave says if you are uninvited in the home.. Invite yourself in! Does he not know how wrong and dangerous that is! First of all if any1 just walked into my house!! Like he trains his employees to do! Someone is either getting a warning to get out or my foot up where the sun don’t shine. He also trains his employees how to have a “comeback answer” for every “No” we get. If they say “no I already have a vacumme” you’re response should be “the vacumme you have is not doing anything(point in the house)let me take a look at it(wipe tire feet at the front door, and just walk in.) and instantly start to sell you’re pitch to the customer if you haven’t already gotten a gun pulled out on you for waking in or someone’s dog trying to attack you. He doesn’t care what you have to do to get in.. He just wants you to make sure you get you’re A** in at all cost! I’ll tell you what my Team leader did! After walking door to door for 3 and a half hours in the SUN!! With half the people either slamming their door in our faces or yelling at us that they hate Kirby! My team leader starting literally pushing his way into people’s houses while I stood on the porch, because I wasn’t trying to get the cops called on me for invading people’s homes. After pushing himself in, he then instantly pushed for a sale before I could even do a “demo”. They told him no countless times. He then said okay. Well she’s new(taking about me) let her clean your carpets for $50 at least-no charge to you.(complete lie! I don’t get paid $50 to clean a carpet! I wished for all the bullshit I had to put up with) so she let me clean her carpet, but the whole time it was awkward.. You could cut the air with a knife it was so stiff and uncomfortable for both of us.. So after I cleaned the carpet, I called my manager to come pick me up (because the only good thing about the job is.. You can load up in a car on a crew, without having to drive around in your own car wasting your gas) he took a whole HOUR!!! Until he came to get me… At that point I was done! And I was fed up! He then took me to one more house.. But before the lady answered the door, she asked “are you with Kirby?” He then said “oh noooo… We are an American made product called Avilar” (wow!) she then said okay because Kirby I will never be interested in again!! He said let me go get my box and I’ll be right back, once we came to the door with our boxes, he tried to not show the Kirby emblem on the box, but me however already being done with the whole thing, put the shamppoer box with the Kirby emblem showing, she shut the door in our face! (I was All in all KIRBY is A GREAT VACUMME DONT GET ME WRONG!! It’s incredible the many things it can do… But the sales reps and leader DAVE TRUJILLO is the problem! And he should be shut down for his methods and how he trains his workers to lie directly to your face, and the customers faces. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention, …. People THINK they are buying a BRAND NEW KIRBY every time… But in reality they aren’t.. Each worker get ONLY ONE vacumme until they sell it! That’s right.. That vacumme could have cleaned 9 houses before it’s sold to someone at full price, thinking the whole time they are getting a never used before vacumme. That’s was my experience, I hope this helps anyone who is having doubts about Trujillo Enterprises in Pueblo Colorado. Because trust me! It’s a dead end no money at all job!! I made Zero! Ziltch dollars the whole week I worked for Dave! He’s a scam artist and I really don’t know why his business hasn’t been s**t down yet.. I guess having money has A lot to do with why!

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