Kitchen Depot Stuart

Kitchen Depot Stuart

What, is “world famous” about Auto Transport 123? The answer would be the WORST service in the world. I guess that makes you world famous? DO NOT believe one word this company tells you, especially Ross. This promise you the moon when trying to get your business and the reality is they deliver only a spark! Ross was great about taking calls when he was trying to get your business, but after you book the reservation he’s on the space shuttle to the moon; never calls back or responds to email. | I request an enclosed transport, they send over the agreement, and it clearly notes open, I call Ross, and he states that was a mistake and to note corrections/changes on the agreement, sign and return. So I noted a few key conditions—1. Must ship via enclosed truck 2. Final payment would via credit card 3. The vehicle would have personal contents in the bed (pickup truck). I faxed the agreement back to Ross, have the fax confirmation, and he did call me back and confirmed receipt of the fax. I call one week later to inquire about the pickup date, and the inside person (Ross no longer takes or return calls) states that it will be picked up in a few days, I confirm the transportation will be enclosed, answer back is NO! I call and email Ross, and he finally calls me back and states that his people made a mistake and that the order clearly states enclosed. It takes another 4-5 days, and they call again to confirm the pickup, I ask again about enclosed, and they state NO. Once again I try to call Ross, no timely response back from, I call and request to speak to one of the owners, Keith or Mark Hecht, I’m told they don’t take customer calls! They must be traveling around the world promoting the “world famous” Auto Transport 123! | After 4-5 calls I spoke to Janine, started out nice but turn when I corrected her on a few critical facts—-1. The contract clearly states enclose; her answer is they only have the last page of the agreement, I state that interesting that I have a fax confirmation page noting they received three pages! She states that they never received, I inquired why they would not call to get the “missing pages.” This is when she turns on her rude New York personality! 2. Agreement states enclosed rate of $1,750; she tells me that rate is never going to get any drivers, I state I did not pick or quote the rate, Ross did! At this, in time I just wanted my $575 deposit back which they incorrectly charged to my card (should only charge once they pick up is confirmed), Janine stated that if I don’t continue with the transport, I would have to pay $200 (??) for services provided. Really they should have paid me $500 for all the calls and BS dealing with this company. 3. The company they picked is going to pick up the vehicle wants cash upon delivery, once again I point to the agreement which clearly stated credit card would be used for delivery payment, and NO credit card fee would apply. More BS and making me the bad guy! | This company has no morals or ethics! Review the two links I have noted below; the BBB gives Auto Transport 123 a big FAT F! Yes the famous Auto Transport 123 gets a big fat F. Review the other link, the letter from the Federal Trade Commission is very interesting! Are they buying 5-star reviews? | My rating for Auto Transport F-. Run, do not walk away from this company! Bottomline do NOT waste your time or money working with Auto Transport 123, find another “world class” company! | Better Business Bureau (Auto Transport 123 is NOT BBB ACCREDITED) | | [72] Positive Reviews | [2] Neutral Reviews | [98] Negative Reviews

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