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Since 6:30am EST this morning I (and many others who are voicing their frustrations on other sites like Twitter) have not been able to access whenenever I try I get this message: “’s server DNS address could not be found. I have paid to be a premium lifetime member and at 9am EST this morning I called the company’s Customer Care Line for Premium Members and briefly spoke with a woman who informed me they were have some issues, but they would be resolved and the site would be back up in an hour – that was 9.5 hours ago! I have tried contacted the company no one is there, nor do they have any recorded messages to inform customers of what is going on. I have searched the internet for any information Kizoa may have put up somewhere for their customers including checking on Twitter and FB, but to no avail. It is uncomfortable, disheartening and completely frustrating having paid for membership, needing to complete a project and this company has all my work thus far, all my photos, videos and music and I cannot access to work, but more than that this company doesnt have the customer service side working well to care enough to find a way to let their customers know what is going on, what to expect. Right now if feels and seems as if they are suddenly defunct and it is scary… What do we as consumers do? Its like this company has very important, very personal stuff of mine that they are holding hostage and not saying why.

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    June 16, 2020
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