Klock Entertainment

Klock Entertainment

We hired Klock Entertainment for all the staging for our wedding. They completely failed and ruined our wedding. Klock Entertainment’s work was awful and during the ceremony, the entire canopy they built was collapsing during the ceremony. You only have 1 wedding and they failed us. The poles to hold the canopy didn’t fit the bases and men had to hold the poles up for the canopy by hand . They were tilting and incredibly distracting . | We spent hours and hours working and reviewing the plan for the wedding with Klock Entertainment and it was all a waste. The canopy for the ceremony was suppose to be taut and flat. Instead, the canopy was floppy and nearly hit me in the head. The birch poles were suppose to be attached to bases but they couldn’t do it or make it work at the actual wedding so they stood there holding up the birch poles at an angle while the canopy was wobbling. | Their ineptness and lack of prepartion was a disaster . | The chandelier they hung as a focal point above the bride as a focal point was messy and all the wires were exposed which they promised would be draped and hidden. | The ceremony was a mess because of Klock Entertainment’s lack of preparation and expertise. Next they built a platform near the dancing area which they promised they would take down after the reception. Then they couldn’t take it down and there was no space for dancing. The Klock Entertainment employees then ruined the dancing because they didn’t know how to remove the platform/stage they built. NEVER TRUST THEM. We paid them thousands of dollars and they refused to refund us and most importantly they ruined our wedding. | Warning: Do not use Klock Entertainment. They are liars and totally inept. We believed them when they told us they could deliver but instead their work was sloppy and made our wedding a complete disaster.

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