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I work with clients to uncover limiting and damaging belief systems that prevent them from living a life that they love. I use a mixture of modalities and work with each individual to design a plan for maximum growth and transformation. Many of us operate from our damaged inner child mindset. Early emotional traumas cause us to form beliefs and create defenses that do not serve us as adults, and, in fact, may cause us pain and suffering. Inner Child healing, including Inner Parent Strengthening is one of my specialties that can help clients change unwanted behaviors and outcomes.As a Heart-Centered Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained by the Wellness Institute, I am able to facilitate processes that can accelerate the client’s ability to access memories and experiences that led them to create damaging beliefs about themselves and the world, and to change consequential limiting and harmful behaviors.I practice out of A Healing Space, which is a serene and spiritual space that is conducive to working effectively with both individuals and groups. I provide workshops and personal growth groups on a regular basis, which are listed on A Healing Space website:

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